Contact with others outside of our immediate environment, outside the space we feel belongs to us, it is more healing than any other activity or therapy.

The Project

In these times where the rush is so compelling and we have no time for anything, a system where healing us and helping us get from helping others is in itself a therapy. In this space we share and take what is left to the most deprived parts of our environment and the families of our workers: time and knowledge, love and attention, another view of life.

Help others with your love and time is something that heals the heart and mind, helps us to recover the origins of mankind, whence we come all helps us to relativize, because it gives us perspective and always makes us feel good to know we did something for someone. When people who had no opportunity to study or financial aid, receive useful information for day to day, to feel more secure and calm while continuing not having much, these people become more productive, violence decreases, the good vibes increases and therefore we all favor.

So we invite you to join, if you have not yet your own project you collaborate, this new initiative of Toque Humano. There are already many organizations, businesses and institutions responsible for providing and re-distribute the material benefits to create fewer inequalities, distributing food, clothes, toys etc …

While all material is necessary and indispensable to live and evolve, the proposed Human Touch is more focused on social work in the field. For the world you exchange a few hours of love and affection.

We intend to give them tools to build a future for themselves, but sometimes that involves any material aid. But it is not to bring food, but to teach them to cultivate. Freedom So, we all so desire, we extend also to making us free.

The Proposal

A collaboration of two hours of work a week to share our knowledge and skills in the community giving workshops directly, or before and after preparing and giving up.

Part of the work is also invite two or three people to get involved with what everyone can or know more on the project and thus make a snowball effect. A clear example is the movie Pay it Forward.

You can choose the department in which you consider yourselfqualified or you want to share to grow that community.

The Place

The community we have chosen is called “Mi Casita Linda”, and is home to about 110 families.

The Team

One of these families is headed by Doña Rosa Ortiz, a nurse withdrawal of 80 years, and although many years she retired, continue tocare for the entire community and continues to take responsibility for everything that goes through your door to ask help, food, counseling, medication, etc …

The work that she, her daughter Rosi (teacher at a school in Pueblo Bavaro), and Aron and his grandchildren Fior being developed to support with his books and extra knowledge to the whole community is amazing. But they are just 4, and not have many resources, although many ideas and goodwill (submitted a draft waters so that everyone can have drinking water, want to build a school for children without schooling). They are currently giving a workshop on Saturday evening called “Bible School” where they teach children the values and words.

I remember one day to lend him Doña Rosa few magazines National Geographic and the next time you ask for magazines she still had donated to prisoners so they could cultivate, and so are more than 4 years we worked with Doña Rosa in different projects and activities in your community. It is with them that we schooled children by selling cookies, donated clothes and Christmas gifts last year and this.

Now it is time to regularize and formalize this project, giving it structure and follow more closely the needs of the community.

Next Steps

We are developing a census to know, more accurately, how many people live, age, sex, work, hobbies, diseases, etc. so we can develop a more accurate and efficient program of activities for them.

The collaboration process will have to be gradually, and always under the advice of Doña Rosa.

We are currently gathering accessions and proposals. So if we tell you and what tasks you would like to participate.

Help us strengthen the community

Be sure to give yourself a chance, remember that with this activity, you can help yourself by helping others.

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