Exclusive Yoga Experience

Yoga, Pranayama, Stretching, Meditation, AeroYoga®, Yoga Nidra®. ALL IN ONE!

Immerse yourself in total relaxation, shut out external noise and connect to your inner voice.

A unique three hour yoga experience in a studio overlooking the Caribbean Ocean.

Guided by professional instructors, practice and learn multiple yoga disciplines and techniques.


the different styles you will experience during your yoga retreat

Hatha Yoga

In the language of sanskrit, “Ha” means sun, and “tha” means moon. The practice of Hatha Yoga is the unification of opposites – of the sun and the moon, of the body and the mind.

Hatha is the physical component of yoga, practicing body poses or “asanas”, and the root of all other types of yoga. It’s a quiet, restful practice, incorporating mild physical exercises with breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation. It allows the individual practicing to learn more about oneself, providing resources to resolve everyday situations, overcoming physical, mental, and emotional limits.


The Prana, or life energy, nourishes both body and mind. At the physical level, it manifests as our breathing while mentally, it is the psychic activity. Through pranayama, you can re-orient and consciously channel this vital energy, allowing it to flow freely throughout the body system.

During practice, the powerful boost of the universal energy that flows through our breathing is brought into our consciousness, a process that many consider involuntary. Science has shown that the pace and quality of breath is altered according to one’s emotional state. Through pranayama you will notice the profound relationship between breathing and mental activity.

Stretching of the Meridians

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, these simple stretches stimulate the body, facilitate organ functions and increase energy. It is, in itself, an Exercise and Therapy. While stretching the body, we are deeply working the meridians, which are energy pathways that lead life to our cells throughout the body.

The practice promotes blood supply to the muscles, improving their tone, and unlocks contractions and stress leading to relaxation. Meridian stretching helps to eliminate excessive muscular tension and causes a pleasant feeling of expansion throughout the body. This improves joint mobility and body awareness, and reduces the risk of injury.

Meditation / Relaxation

Through meditation, we learn how to create silence inside our minds and discover innate peace, harmony and happiness.

Meditation is an ancient practice that allows us to explore the vast capabilities of the mind. It is practiced by sitting or laying in a comfortable position without distractions and focusing on one’s mind and how it functions, taking the position of “observer.” This is a practice that can be achieved through patience and perseverance.


In Aero Yoga, you perform traditional (as well as non-traditional) yoga movements while suspended from a safe and strong swing. The swing facilitates movement of the body and allows positions to be done in a smooth and controlled manner, helping to gain a better understanding of our body and its limitations.

Aero Yoga benefits the whole body. Muscles, joints, spine, and posture, are utilized as you gain strength and flexibility. Working without the resistance of gravity provides a lifting effect; meanwhile, the swing provides a sense of liberation and creativity. It’s a rejuvenating and detoxifying experience that can improve your internal health! These and many other benefits of AeroYoga® are at your disposal.

Yoga Nidra®

The Aerial Relaxation. At the end of each aerial yoga class, experience a unique final relaxation where your swing becomes a chrysalis. With your legs inverted, you are promoting blood and lymph circulation and the equilibrium of our body systems. In this restorative position, you will experience a mineral stone and aromatherapy treatment, closing your unique experience with a golden seal.


the professionals who will guide you at every moment in this journey
  • Testimonial

    Maria Testillano

    Yoga Alliance (RYT200) - AeroYoga® Institute

    About Maria Testillano

    About Me

    Since I was a little girl equality between people was a matter of vital importance for me. Being able to help the unprivileged has always been the best satisfaction I could get from life. In order to achieve this goal I studied law, embracing the rights of the less privileged. As licensing, I traveled the world, owned a business, but especially and above all, my greatest interest was the human being and his minimum health and wellness conditions. This feeling each day stronger, turned me to the techniques that accompany me today on my way as a Therapist and Instructor. The first one was the Universal Energy channeling, from where I found meditation and developed my intuition. Then Applied Kinesiology (Reflexokinesia®), the Structural Activator and Polarity Therapy followed. At this point I started as a Polarity Yoga Teacher, awakening my interest for the deeper meaning of Yoga.

    So I became a certified Yoga Instructor Alliance (RYT200) at The International Yoga School of Madrid. The study and practice of AeroYoga® has opened a new perspective on the awareness of the potential of this great and innovative discipline.


    Spanish, Bavaro resident since 2009. Holistic Therapist, specialized in Applied Kinesiology, Polarity Therapy and Structural Activator, formed at the “Center of  Etnomedic  and Natural Sciences“  by Professor  Fernando Maldonado Ramos (Madrid, Spain).

    Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT200) at the “International School of Yoga” (Madrid, Spain), in 2014.

    Certified AeroYoga® Instructor, formed at the “International AeroYoga Institute”  (Madrid, Spain), in 2014.

    Certified Acrobatic Yoga® Instructor, trained by Ezequiel Anguizola, professional Yoga trainer  recognized by “O.I.Y.A.Y. (International Yogatherapy, Ayurveda and Yoga Organization)” (Bavaro, Dominican Republic), in 2014.

    Co-founder, Therapist and Instructor in “Toque Holístico(Bavaro Dominican Republic), since 2012.


    Water is the element softer yet its firmness manages to break the hardest rock, so be water my friend, relaxes your mind and movements. That would say if they spoke together Lao Tse and Bruce Lee.

    Every day do something you did not do before. Break your routines. Just doing different things recover the surprise and spontaneity, perfect impulse to move forward and evolve.

  • Testimonial

    Davide Sciortino

    Naturopath & Shiatsu Instructor

    About Davide Sciortino

    About Me

    I have always been convinced that my way was to help people find their own external and internal balance, although at first I did not know how. After high school I looked for a new way to study, where I could find the tools to better understand myself and people around me. Naturopathy has been a revelation, my life changed and I knew that this was my path and there was no turning back. But I found my real passion in Shiatsu (Master of the School of Naturopathy).

    Every time after any treatment, I came out refreshed and more aware about the world that surrounds us. I felt the great universal knowledge go through my hands. The practice led me to experiment with various techniques and styles, learning from several teachers I understand the essence of listening.

    A important part of my journey has been to be a part of the birth of the Shiatsu in cammino School, founded by my Master Massimo Noe.

    Shiatsu is more than a digital pressure technique, it is a perception of the individual as a whole. It is the ability to converse with the profound essence in each individual's unfiltered mind. It is unconditional love. The Moxa and Stretching of Meridians are complementary disciplines, more complete in its phenomenology which is linked to the symptom and active stimulation of the body's energy aspect.

    The need for new experiences and overcoming my limits has led me to travel. At the end the Dominican Republic has welcomed me and I found my family here and my destination.


    Italian, Bávaro resident  since 2010, Naturopath,  specialized in Psychosomatic Shiatsu and Moxibustion techniques, formed in “RIZA Psychosomatic School of Naturopathy” (Milan, Italy), in 2004.

    Co-founder and  Instructor of “Shiatsu in cammino”  School, since 2006 (Milan, Italy).

    Instructor of  Stretching of the Meridians, discipline  that comes from the knowledge of Naturopathy and Shiatsu, since 2006.

    Certified Acrobatic Yoga® Instructor, trained by Ezequiel Anguizola, professional Yoga trainer  recognized by “O.I.Y.A.Y. (International Yogatherapy, Ayurveda and Yoga Organization)” (Bavaro, Dominican Republic), in 2014.

    Co-founder, Therapist and Instructor in “Toque Holístico(Bavaro Dominican Republic), since 2012.


    I have always believed that the body has a lot to tell, and through it, we can learn about people and their lives.
    For me it is better to keep the body in health heal an illness, and if you have to, better with natural remedies.


the opinions of the people who participated in the excursion
  • 5 Stars Experience

    Monika Zrinji, Yoga and AeroYoga Lover

    Thank you for that amazing experience which energizes the senses and revives the soul.

  • Testimonial


    Maria Elisa Peralta, Actress and Model

    Great instructors who help all times to overcome and reach more and more. That connection that I got in myself gave me a special experience and left full and eager to live in total freedom.

  • Testimonial

    Unforgettable Experience

    Yara Martinez, Passion for Diving

    You have made my afternoon unforgettable, my mind and body were on another level! Thank you for this experience, I am more than sure that will repeat! Congratulations!

  • Testimonial

    Alternative way

    Helen Kilbourne, Tour Rep.

    For those looking to disconnect and learn something new or seek an alternative way of healing the soul, a wonderful welcoming introduction to AeroYoga.

  • A must try while in Punta Cana

    Karen-Ann (Peterson) St Clair , Model and Entrepreneurial

    An amazing, unique & exciting experience! A must try while in Punta Cana. Maria and Davide have created a wonderful blend of traditional Yoga and Aero Yoga. Not a boring moment, in fact three hours went by really fast. Thank you... I wish you both great success with your new excursion! Namaste.

  • Testimonial


    Sofia De La Rosa, Dogs Lover

    Thank you very much for such a wonderful experience, it's amazing how fascinating this discipline is. Congratulations and success always!

  • Testimonial

    It’s amazing!

    Maria Postell, Singer and Photographer

    After participating in the 3-hour retreat with yoga, stretching and my first attempt at Aero Yoga, I completely forgot what day it was! What a treat! The setting was absolutely perfect with floor to ceiling windows over-looking the crystal blue water, a balmy breeze passing through, a beautiful flower placed on my matt and two knowledgeable teachers guiding us on a calming journey. Maria and Davide are very dedicated to their professions and it shows - they are lovely people as well as consummate therapists. I recommend this center to anyone who needs some introspection and balance in their life.

  • Great!

    Fatima Alvarez Cofiño,

    Great three hours experience; the host, material placement and details during breaks. The place made me fall in love, music was perfect because you can still hear the ocean waves which gives you much concentration. I wish that the AeroYoga part was longer, but I understand that it is important to warm up plus I appreciate having practiced all the postures and exercises and all the love I received. Depending on the level of the group also (if people are doing yoga regularly) I think it's good to slightly increase the level of the yoga class in the first hour. As such, all great. Thanks again.

  • Testimonial

    Zen status for my lower back

    Rolando Astudillo, Surf Teacher

    Thank you for inviting me. You prove a broad knowledge in the field of yoga and relaxation. This is a perfect venue for those looking to bounce the stress and for athletes seeking to develop psychological and emotional level in the high yielding. Relaxation techniques and breathing excercises are a real mental and physical journey that make you feel at Zen state after the sessions. Practicing yoga is showing me results in strengthening the lower part of my back, which receive a lot of  wear and tear due to my sports practice.

    I wish you luck and success in this new project tour of yoga.

    I highly recommend Aero Yoga Retreat at Toque Holistico.

  • Testimonial

    Magic hours

    Magda Riccardi, Makeup Artist

    It really is a wonderful experience!! Maria and Davide are super professional and also lovely!! They make these three hours of yoga something magic. It's a feeling of good sensations, total relaxation and wellbeing of body and mind. They pamper us in a unique way, delicious fruit, high teas, all accompanied with the beauty of the place! The Caribbean sea views from the front, what more can you ask for? Super Recommended!

  • Testimonial

    Piece of heaven in the Caribbean!!

    Emely Vargas,

    Beautiful place, professional instructors and amazing attentions. They give you everything you need and you don´t have to worry about anything. You feel a lot of peace and it doesn't matter if you are not experienced, the teachers help you find balance between your body and your mind.

  • Testimonial

    Stiffness and pain completely disappeared!


    Wow!!! This experience was truly amazing, to say the least. I frequently play golf, and suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain, however after the 3 hour Aero Yoga Retreat, the stiffness and pain completely disappeared! The large open air studio with direct view of the beautiful beach set the tone for perfect calm, relaxation and meditation. Lastly, the instructors, and staff are fully dedicated to you having the best Aero Yoga experience that helps you cleanse your mind, body and spirit, while on vacation. I highly recommend (Toque Holistico), Aero Yoga Retreat for anyone seeking a Namaste experience.

  • Testimonial

    A beautiful discovery!

    Valentine Rodier,

    For all yoga enthusiasts, Toque Holistico offers three hours of pure relaxation (stretching of the meridians and aeroyoga) in their beautiful center facing the sea; a very cozy, peaceful and tranquil place. This retreat was an unforgettable experience during my holidays. Thank you with all my heart and Davide Maria for their professionalism, energy and hospitality. Namaste

  • Testimonial

    So good that time went by really fast

    Armando Reid, Surfer

    A thousand times thank you for the good time I spent. It gave me a great feeling to see the instructors so happy and the experience was so good that the time seemed shorter than what I expected. I promise to come back!

  • Testimonial

    Wellness for body, mind and spirit!

    Cindy De Groot-Pérez, Yoga Instructor

    This Mini Retreat i attended was an afternoon experience of deep relaxation full of wellness for body, mind and spirit! Through different types of yoga we were guided on a journey through our bodies. Deep stretching, asanas, AERO Yoga and breathing exercises helped me to let go of blockages in my body and achieve a calm mind. The 3 hours flew by and for sure that i felt rejuvenated! ~ My advice: Don't miss out on this on! Fresh fruit and Herbal Tea included 😉 Jammmm Namaste

  • Testimonial

    I was impressed with the classes and the facilities

    Carmen Fernández,

    Magnificent attentions and a very professional treatment. I was gladly impressed with the classes and the facilities. Never thought I would find such a pleasant place.


Everydays - 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm (ask for availability)

Exclusive Yoga in Punta Cana

Best Experience

Best Experience


3 hours full of
Yoga – Pranayama
Stretching – Relaxation
AeroYoga® – Yoga Nidra®
Unique in Dominican Republic!

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