Increase your energy or calm your mind with our different disciplines. Classes are personalized to meet the skill level of each student.
  • AeroYoga®
    AeroYoga aims to open your body and mind into different positions through suspension and weightlessness on the swing. It is a complete and fun activity to heal, rejuvenate and enjoy.
  • AeroPilates®
    A safe, slow and effective technique of physical and mental exercise. Your body works in complete harmony toning without increasing muscle mass and avoiding joint impact.
  • AeroFitness®
    Fitness method that uses your own body weight and gravity to work the muscle fiber with no impact on the joints. A deep body work that helps to detoxify weightlessness and tone.
  • Hatha Yoga
    An ancient discipline that, with simple asanas (postures) accessible to everyone. Helps you better know your body and overcome physical and mental limitations.
  • Gentle Yoga
    Gentle Yoga is composed of Simple and comfortable sequences of posture, ideal for the elderly, people with physical limitations or recovering from surgery or accidents.


Lets Try!

1 Single Class

$15 us

Just ONE Single Class

(no inscription fee)

Best Value

Month Pass

$50 us

2 Classes per week

(inscription fee $ 50 US)

For Travelers

Single Month

$80 us

2 Classes per week

(no inscription fee)

Most Flexible

Class Card

$120 us

Card of 10 Classes, valid 2 months

(no inscription fee)


It is your responsibility to visit your doctor and make sure that your health is optimal for physical activity. Toque Holistico is not liable for any injury sustained during the practice of these disciplines.

Some exercises of Yoga, Stretching, AeroYoga® and other disciplines are not suitable for certain diseases.

It is important to indicate if you have any previous injuries or unresolved physical problems on the intake form that is provided to you at your first class. This is so that the instructors can guide you while knowing and respecting your limits.

Toque Holistico promises to keep all information provided on the intake form confidential.

The monthly quota begins on the day of your first class until the same day of the following month. This date is taken as the start of your billable month.

Toque Holistico does not charge a registration fee, because we understand that students must commit to consistency if they are looking for results. Therefore, there is only the monthly fee. This fee is non-refundable if you miss a class for reasons unrelated to Toque Holistico.

Alternatively, Cards of 10 Classes are available, which are valid for 2 months. This option is available so that you can enjoy our classes and have the freedom to adapt your attendance around your own personal schedule.

Monthly fees and cards are valid for one individual only, you cannot assign or share them with friends or family.

You can also ask about the different Treatments of Natural Therapies performed at Toque Holistico. These treatments can help you improve your physical and organic health.

If you have any questions or suggestions about how we operate, let us know and we will be happy to provide clarification.

Class schedules may vary based on the season or the availability of instructors. We will keep you informed prior to any changes.

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