Integral Yoga

Integral Yoga

An ancient discipline that, with simple asanas (postures) accessible to everyone. Helps you better know your body and overcome physical and mental limitations.


The class have a physical approach with stretches and positions that increase flexibility and a psycho-emotional approach that releases mental and emotional blocks to rediscover the balance of mind and body. The class includes initial Pranayama, practice of asanas (Hatha and Flow Vinyasa) interspersed with moments of reflection, inner listening and a final Meditation.


In the language of sanskrit, “Ha” means Sun, and “tha” means Moon. The practice of Hatha Yoga is the unification of opposites, of the sun and the moon, of the body and the mind.

It’s the physical component of yoga, practicing body poses or “asanas”, and the root of all other types of yoga, no matter how classic or modern. It’s a quiet, restful practice. Mild physical exercises are combined with breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation. It teaches more about oneself by providing resources to resolve everyday situations, and by create a balance of physical, mental and emotional limits through their recognition and respect.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Yoga is a practice that emerges from Hatha Yoga, the first being more dynamic and demanding than the latter. “Vi” means to go or to move. “Nyasa” means placing or planting. The union of these two words equals going through movement in coordination with the breath.

Sequences of postures are created, linking breath and movement harmoniously. Each inhalation and each exhalation is connected to a movement which gradually helps the student strengthen their muscles, increase focus and concentration, connect to the wisdom of their body and to calm the fluctuations of the mind. This class is open to all levels of participants that want to challenge themselves and, like in every class, postures and sequences can be adapted to the needs and limitations of each participant. In a way, this practice resembles a dance or a moving meditation that energizes the body, eliminates toxins and liberates any energy blockages located in the body or the internal organs.


The Prana, or life energy, nourishes both body and mind. At the physical level, it manifests as our breathing while mentally, it is the psychic activity. Through pranayama, you can re-orient and consciously channel the vital energy, allowing it to flow freely through the body system.

During practice, the powerful boost of the universal energy that flows through our breathing is brought into our consciousness, a process that many consider involuntary. You will notice the profound relationship between breathing and mental activity. It is proven that according to one’s emotional state, breathing may be altered in terms of pace and quality. Similarly, in during Pranayama practice you learn to create the desired level and emotional state through breathing, becoming aware of this direct relationship. The practice will lead not only to a greater awareness and stability in a physical, mental and emotional level; but also the awakening our vital energy in its purest form.


Meditation is an ancient practice.  The biggest mystery for humans is how the mind functions and its vast possibilities.

The oldest method of exploring the mind is through meditation, sitting in a comfortable position without distractions and focusing on one’s mind and how it functions,  taking the position of an Observer.  This is a practice that can be achieved through patience and perseverance.

Class Targets

  • Muscles
  • Stretching
  • Breathing



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