Meridians Stretching

Meridians Stretching

A simple and natural way to stay fit, respecting the energy balance of the body and focusing on internal listening, through direct stimulation of the meridians – the routes of energy in our body.


Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, simple stretches that stimulate the body, facilitate bodily functions and increase energy. It is, in itself, exercise and therapy. While stretching the body, we are deeply working the meridians, which are energy pathways that lead life to our cells throughout the body. The most immediate effect will be seen in the joints, since a large amount of stretching will favorably affect the muscular elasticity and mobility, keeping muscles in a prime state. Promotes blood supply to the muscles, improving their tone. Unlocks contractions and stress leading to relaxation. Eliminates excessive muscular tension. Causes a pleasant feeling of expansion (improves joint mobility and body awareness). Reduces the risk of injury from breakage or overload. Helps improve  performance in sports due to increasing motor range.

The continued practice of Stretching of the Meridians leads to a more subtle and profound global welfare; improving our lung capacity and activating our organs, bones, and muscles. The energy routes become clean, allowing them to flow harmoniously.

Particular importance is given to breath control and respecting of one’s own limits.

Class Targets

  • Muscles
  • Stretching
  • Breathing



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