Everything You Need to Know Before Taking Your First Yoga Class

Everything You Need to Know Before Taking Your First Yoga Class

Have you been wanting to try yoga, but you’re just not sure how to begin and what to expect in a class? Your vacation in the Dominican Republic is a great time to start. We’re happy to welcome beginners to our beachfront yoga studio in Punta Cana. If you have some anxiety, here’s a cheat sheet for everything you need to know to take your first yoga class.

What to Wear?

Choose comfortable, breathable workout clothes. You may want to try stretching in your clothes before you come to class to make sure your fabric is easy to move in and not too revealing when you are in positions with your legs open or when you are upside down! If you have long hair, you may want to bring a hair tie to pull your hair back. You do not wear shoes or socks when taking yoga class, so just wear whatever shoes will get you to and from the studio. Remove your shoes before entering inside any yoga studio.

What to Bring?

Our yoga studio provides mats to borrow, so there’s no need to pack a yoga mat in your luggage. We also offer filtered water and hot tea. You can bring a towel if you tend to get sweaty. But generally, just bring a smile to your first class and you will be well taken care of.

What to Expect?

Enjoy a clean, quiet and peaceful space! This means you should turn off your cell phone when you arrive and place it aside with your belongings. Yoga studios are peaceful places to connect the mind and body. You will want silence and no distractions while practicing. At the end of class, if you borrowed a mat, there is mat cleaner to wipe down your mat before returning it. Yoga is also a quiet space. While it’s okay before and after class to greet others and have conversations, keep your chatter to a minimum during class.

What to Do?

Tell the instructor that you are new to yoga, so he or she can better assist you. Then, make a commitment to yourself to honor your body. Do not expect that in one class you will be able to do poses that others in the class who have practiced for years can do. Check your ego at the door and just be happy with your body in the present moment. Do not compare yourself to others or force your body into any poses that cause you pain. A little discomfort is normal when stretching, but you are responsible to know and respect your limits. If you push yourself beyond your limits, you risk injury! Know that you will gradually improve with each yoga session and be patient. Like anything else, yoga requires dedication to the practice to notice improvements.

What to Think?

Keep an open mind as you take your first yoga class. There are so many different styles of yoga and each teacher adds to that their own unique experiences. Try a variety of classes to learn  your preferences and discover what classes fit you best.

Also know that you do not need to be flexible to start a yoga practice. When you are new to yoga, you tend to be overwhelmed by what looks to be pretzel-like poses. Know that yoga is an exercise accessible to every fitness level, so just be sure you choose a beginner-friendly class. Your flexibility increases over time, so right now is a great time to start!

What to Feel?

You should leave a yoga class feeling refreshed and renewed. Your mind should be more clear and focused after the combination of breath-work. meditation and poses. Your muscles may be tired from the strength and stretching efforts, so be sure to drink plenty of water. Depending on the yoga class you choose, you can leave class feeling energized to move through your day or totally relaxed and ready to  wind down for the evening. Either way, you will be feeling healthy and positive.

We love to welcome beginners to our yoga studio. If you have any questions before you visit Toque Holistico in Punta Cana, please get in touch. We’re happy to recommend which classes are best for beginners and help you experience yoga and find bliss in our beautiful Bávaro beach location.

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