Davide Sciortino

Davide Sciortino
Naturopath & Shiatsu Instructor
Diseases are the way in which the body speaks, the symptoms are physical manifestations of energetic imbalances in the body.
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About Me

I have always been convinced that my way was to help people find their own external and internal balance, although at first I did not know how. After high school I looked for a new way to study, where I could find the tools to better understand myself and people around me. Naturopathy has been a revelation, my life changed and I knew that this was my path and there was no turning back. But I found my real passion in Shiatsu (Master of the School of Naturopathy).

Every time after any treatment, I came out refreshed and more aware about the world that surrounds us. I felt the great universal knowledge go through my hands. The practice led me to experiment with various techniques and styles, learning from several teachers I understand the essence of listening.

A important part of my journey has been to be a part of the birth of the Shiatsu in cammino School, founded by my Master Massimo Noe.

Shiatsu is more than a digital pressure technique, it is a perception of the individual as a whole. It is the ability to converse with the profound essence in each individual’s unfiltered mind. It is unconditional love. The Moxa and Stretching of Meridians are complementary disciplines, more complete in its phenomenology which is linked to the symptom and active stimulation of the body’s energy aspect.

The need for new experiences and overcoming my limits has led me to travel. At the end the Dominican Republic has welcomed me and I found my family here and my destination.


Italian, Bávaro resident  since 2010, Naturopath,  specialized in Psychosomatic Shiatsu and Moxibustion techniques, formed in “RIZA Psychosomatic School of Naturopathy” (Milan, Italy), in 2004.

Co-founder and  Instructor of “Shiatsu in cammino”  School, since 2006 (Milan, Italy).

Instructor of  Stretching of the Meridians, discipline  that comes from the knowledge of Naturopathy and Shiatsu, since 2006.

Certified Acrobatic Yoga® Instructor, trained by Ezequiel Anguizola, professional Yoga trainer  recognized by “O.I.Y.A.Y. (International Yogatherapy, Ayurveda and Yoga Organization)” (Bavaro, Dominican Republic), in 2014.

Co-founder, Therapist and Instructor in “Toque Holístico(Bavaro Dominican Republic), since 2012.


I have always believed that the body has a lot to tell, and through it, we can learn about people and their lives.
For me it is better to keep the body in health heal an illness, and if you have to, better with natural remedies.