Frank McNeary

Frank McNeary
Chiropractor's work on the structures of our spine to correct the subluxations, and affect our nervous system. Creating a state of Ease, within our bodies.
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In 1979 Dr. McNeary ( commonly known as Dr. Frank by patient’s friends and family ) was involved in a youth championship football game, he was 9 years old at the time. His team won and while celebrating with his teammates he was struck from behind in the lower back by a player from the opposing team. He was hurt very badly and had to be carried off the field on a stretcher.
His mother brought him immediately to a well respected medical doctor. This doctor told a very young Dr. Frank that he would probably never play football again. He made the recommendations of medication and bed rest. Dr. Frank was greatly discouraged with the prognosis this medical doctor gave he and his mother. Dr. Frank’s mother was greatly depressed, and worried terribly about the young Dr. Frank’s now uncertain future.

Under the advice of Dr. Frank’s uncle, she decided to take her badly injured son to a Doctor of Chiropractic. the appointment was at 11 at night because the chiropractor was completely booked with Patient’s throughout the day and evening.
The chiropractor did a brief but thorough exam with Dr. Frank. He explained that when Dr. Frank was hit from behind by the other player, he jarred and knocked out of (alignment ) the lowest vertebra of his young spine ( the 5th lumber vertebrae (L5). This now misaligned L5 vertebrae was impinged upon the largest nerve in the body, ( the sciatic nerve ). This nerve exits the lowest part of the spine on both sides and travels down both leg’s and to the feet. This situation was causing young Dr. Frank tremendous low-back and leg pain.
The chiropractor explained through a series of hand adjustment’s to the L5 vertebra the pinched sciatic nerve would be freed, and the young Dr. Frank would be relieved of his pain. The chiropractor was right and after just two weeks and 6 hand adjustment’s of his L5 vertebra, the young Dr. Frank was back playing ball with his friend’s and restored to perfect health.
Dr. Frank was able go on to wrestle and play football all throughout the rest of grammar school and and High School. He earned a scholarship to Southern Connecticut University. After winning several championships in college wrestling and earning a bachelors degree in math and science, he was accepted to Chiropractic College, and completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic from the University of Bridgeport.
Since the life changing experience that Dr. frank had with his first chiropractor in 1979, Dr. frank has been committed to learning as much as he can about all form’s of natural health and therapeutic method’s. He has extensive knowledge in nutrition and exercise physiology, as well as being an advocate of Yoga, Shiatsu and other various massage techniques. He has owned and operated clinics in Connecticut, New Jersey , and New York City. He has worked with professional athletes from around the world, including members of the New York Giants, New York Jets, ans New England Patriot’s professional football team’s. He now lives her in Punta Cana and is ready to serve you.


American, Bavaro resident since 2017. Dr. in Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Chiropractic, formed in University of Bridgeport (USA), in 2003.

Therapist in “Toque Holístico(Bavaro Dominican Republic), since 2017.


Our body’s are self-healing and self-regulating organisms. Every day our hearts beat, our lungs take in air, and our temperature remains between 97 and 98.6 degrees , thereby maintaining a healthy temperature for all our body’s functions.
When vertebra within our spine’s are knocked out of alignment, and thereby pinching (life giving) spinal nerve’s, a condition of sub-luxation occurs. The muscle or vital organ to which this now (pinched nerve) travel’s does not receive the proper (nerve impulse) to maintain proper function. Creating pain and dysfunctions.