Maria Testillano

Maria Testillano
Yoga Alliance (RYT200) - AeroYoga® Institute
The muscles that are activated when we laugh, whether feigned or real, they send a signal to the brain that produces hormones of happiness. So you're the mood you're on, always smiles.
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About Me

Since I was a little girl equality between people was a matter of vital importance for me. Being able to help the unprivileged has always been the best satisfaction I could get from life. In order to achieve this goal I studied law, embracing the rights of the less privileged. As licensing, I traveled the world, owned a business, but especially and above all, my greatest interest was the human being and his minimum health and wellness conditions. This feeling each day stronger, turned me to the techniques that accompany me today on my way as a Therapist and Instructor. The first one was the Universal Energy channeling, from where I found meditation and developed my intuition. Then Applied Kinesiology (Reflexokinesia®), the Structural Activator and Polarity Therapy followed. At this point I started as a Polarity Yoga Teacher, awakening my interest for the deeper meaning of Yoga.

So I became a certified Yoga Instructor Alliance (RYT200) at The International Yoga School of Madrid. The study and practice of AeroYoga® has opened a new perspective on the awareness of the potential of this great and innovative discipline.


Spanish, Bavaro resident since 2009. Holistic Therapist, specialized in Applied Kinesiology, Polarity Therapy and Structural Activator, formed at the “Center of  Etnomedic  and Natural Sciences“  by Professor  Fernando Maldonado Ramos (Madrid, Spain).

Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT200) at the “International School of Yoga” (Madrid, Spain), in 2014.

Certified AeroYoga® Instructor, formed at the “International AeroYoga Institute”  (Madrid, Spain), in 2014.

Certified Acrobatic Yoga® Instructor, trained by Ezequiel Anguizola, professional Yoga trainer  recognized by “O.I.Y.A.Y. (International Yogatherapy, Ayurveda and Yoga Organization)” (Bavaro, Dominican Republic), in 2014.

Co-founder, Therapist and Instructor in “Toque Holístico(Bavaro Dominican Republic), since 2012.


Water is the element softer yet its firmness manages to break the hardest rock, so be water my friend, relaxes your mind and movements. That would say if they spoke together Lao Tse and Bruce Lee.

Every day do something you did not do before. Break your routines. Just doing different things recover the surprise and spontaneity, perfect impulse to move forward and evolve.