Is it Manly to Practice Yoga?

Is it Manly to Practice Yoga?

Let’s get right to it. Truth is, it’s not only manly to practice Yoga, it’s sexy! We love men who practice Yoga. Yet Yoga classes all over the world still have a majority of female students.
There have been a lot of speculations as to the reason men shy away from Yoga classes. A few possibilities:


Yoga is primarily marketed to women, using images of slender, perfect women in graceful Yoga poses. The yoga industry needs to do a better job of targeting all types of students to practice Yoga.


The common myth with Yoga is that people have to be flexible. Of course, this is not true. Regardless of your starting point, the more you practice yoga, the more flexible you become. But men could initially be intimidated by the flexibility myth.


Men like to feel strong and successful. If a man is athletic, it’s easy for him to pick up a ball and join a sport, but Yoga may take more time to learn. It can also be especially intimidating if the petite woman on the mat next to him appears to be a contortionist. Men need to understand that yoga is a personal practice, never a competition.

Maybe these are the reasons or maybe there are other factors that affect men’s interest in trying out Yoga. We’d be interested to know!

In any case, Yoga is just as accessible and beneficial to men as it is to women. In fact, Yoga originated in India where it was largely practiced by only men. In the west, we practice Yoga based on knowledge that was passed to us from male yogi masters. While Yoga participation by men is still not equal to women, we’re seeing more fit male celebrities embrace the practice and set a great example for men: Sting, Adam Levine, Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James to name just a few!

Men, if you are curious about Yoga, it’s time you explore the mind and body benefits that you have been missing out on. Join the beginner friendly classes at our Studio, Toque Holistico in Punta Cana, and start your yoga journey.

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