Juices that help us get healthy!

Juices that help us get healthy!

It is important to gradually start incorporating juices into your daily life. First, begin by replacing your breakfast with a juice, then try replacing dinner. Drink one liter in the morning for breakfast, and one in the evening for dinner. The combination of ingredients we use in each juice is based upon the combination matrix above, however, apples, celery, lettuce and spinach can be considered fixed ingredients for all juices. By drinking juices made with those ingredients, it is easier for one to recuperate the equilibrium of good health.

There are certain combinations of ingredients in juices that help with particular health conditions that people commonly face. Fruits and vegetables contain natural compounds (vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, fatty acids, natural pigments, dietary fiber, etc.) that provide nutrients to our cells from the inside and help us recover. However, have you ever wondered, for example, which vegetable or fruit is best suited to help with sleep or with stress? Below we will outline some of the key alerts that our body will send us if we are not managing our stress well, and particularly, which juices will help you obtain the most resources to attend to these alerts from your body!

  • Insomnia: Zucchini, lettuce, parsley, and carrots. Zucchini supports folic acid, which promotes the conversion of several neurotransmitters, creating a sense of calm. Lettuce and parsley have been appreciated since ancient times for their slightly sedative properties. Carrots contain vitamin B, which strengthen the central nervous system.
  • Exhaustion: It is recommended to drink juices made with sweet fruits, such as pineapple or oranges. An invigorating juice is recommended in times of low energy: Celery, green apples, and ginger (2 cm of the root is sufficient). Celery facilitates the elimination of toxins, which play a fundamental role in the feeling of fatigue. Apples contain glucose, and in combination with the invigorating and exhilarating effects of fresh ginger, will help you to feel full of energy!
  • Anxiety: Undoubtedly, lettuce is the best for anxiety. It is a powerful tranquilizer and very alkalizing. You can combine the lettuce with apples, limes, carrots, peppers, or whichever leafy vegetable you choose. The important thing to remember is to follow the combinations matrix, and to not be shy with the amount of lettuce that you use. The more the better! Drinking this before sleeping is ideal!
  • Depression: Animate yourself with some garlic! The miraculous bulb has multiple applications in natural medicine, among other reasons, for its high content of selenium- the micronutrient that best combats depression. You can try making a tomato juice with a clove of garlic, pink salt or sea salt and a little bit of olive oil. You will love it, and you will instantly feel blood flowing through your whole body. If you prefer fruit, there are a few that also contain high levels of selenium- Plums, grapes, peaches, strawberries, and pears. Melon is also a huge ally against fighting the depression. Melon is very particular when it comes to our digestion, therefore, we recommend drinking it by itself, without combining it with any other fruit or vegetable.
  • Overweight: Stress is often associated to changes in eating habits, and gaining weight is very common. We eat bad, at odd times, additionally we ingest processed and fast foods. Fundamental recommendation: detoxify and eliminate liquid. Increase the amount of water you drink, no less than 2 liters daily, and don’t forget to include celery in your juices, similarly certain fruits help to eliminate liquids. The best fruit is pineapple, as it contains diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, additionally, it helps to fight cellulite.
  • Low Defenses: With all the other symptoms that we have talked about, if we do not maintain our defenses up it can compromise and create difficulty when  it comes to good health. This is because sickness is a manifestation of a disequilibrium, however, thanks to our immune system, our bodies can return back to a balance. To help with low defenses, choose everything that is high in Vitamin C: oranges, limes, grapefruits, kiwi, strawberries, etc. Remember that Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant, and oxidation is much faster in acidic organisms. Additional antioxidants for low defenses include: grapes, peaches, guavas and pomegranates. Remember, that the cholorphyll that is present in all leafy vegetables are also a precursor to the defenses??
  • Skin problems: In some people, a lot of pressure at work, in addition to more demands than normal in one’s person and/or professional life can manifest as skin problems. These skin problems can range from acne, to irritation and allergic reactions. It is important to strengthen the skin immediately, at the same time as detoxifying the body in help in eliminating toxins. It is recommended to drink juice made from carrots, celery, and radishes. You can add an apple as well to give it a better taste. Celery purifies, carrots contribute betacarotenes, which are essential to the good health of the skin, as is Vitamin C from limes, another antioxidant that cannot be forgotten. Radishes contain significant sulfur content, which help to clean the skin internally. It is possible that for the first few days you will note more acne. This is precisely because the skin is cleaning itself. Drink a lot of water, exfoliate your skin softly (green clay is ideal for exfoliating), and don’t abandon your juices.



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  1. Courtney Zorio

    I had a real issue with waking up in the mornings and just did not sleep well at night. Incorporating juicing into my life completely changed my energy levels during the day and I felt like I was ready to sleep when it was time for bed. Love this post!

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