• Testimonial

    – The pain just goes away –

    Begoña Celaya, Manager at Kakua Restaurant and Beach Club | Bavaro

    Begoña and her husband Toni are the managers at Kakua Restaurant and Beach Club,  one of Bavaro’s emblematic restaurants, right on the beautiful beach of Punta Blanca. This is the place where many couples chose to have their wedding receptions and where many others chose to enjoy good food and great service! Begoña has been receiving Toque Holistico’s therapies for more than two years now. Here is why she has chosen us:

    “Toni and I love the work that we do daily, it is a driving force for us. However, it requires a level of activity that can be tiring: neck pain, back pain, and overall exhaustion. Combine the challenges of work, to the added challenges of life in general and it can be overwhelming at times! Therefore, I know when I need to go to Toque Holistico. I leave there rejuvenated from the treatments. I feel as though I have more energy, relaxed but still active, and my physical pain disappears. It is the techniques that they use, and the quality with which they treat us that make the difference. They are good people and professional. What more can you ask for?”

  • Testimonial

    – I recovered sensitivity in my legs –

    Flavia Pereira, Certified Accountant | Bavaro

    Flavia is a certified accountant who has clients all around Bavaro, Veron and Punta Cana. She’s an indispensable value for the business owners and entrepreneurs that use her services. She is always dedicated to give her best advice on topics that require professionalism, specialization, and experience.

    When she first arrived at Toque Holistico, she was experimenting very difficult symptoms that affected her lifestyle, all of them acquired from a very stressful situation. She has now healed and would like to share her therapeutic experience:

    “I had paralysis in my right leg to the point that I had lost complete sensitivity in my right foot. By the second session of Kinesiology I was already recovering my sensitivity, and was able to walk for almost 40 minutes. It was amazing since just the day before I couldn’t even walk on it at all.

    When I receive a treatment with Maria, I feel so much more relaxed and find myself able to face my problems with a much calmer attitude. Thanks to how they helped and took care of me, today I can live a very active life. I overcame the difficult situation I was dealing with at the time of my first visit. They are now my primary therapists.”

  • Testimonial

    – My life has changed –

    Diane Renaud, Life Traveler | France

    “When I arrived in Bavaro in October 2013, I had to use a cane to walk for the last four years. I received treatments at Toque Holistico once a week for a period of five months. Now I walk without a cane and some friends tell me that I walk faster then them. WOW! I am so proud that I put my trust in Maria and Davide, that they could help me have a better quality in life. Thank you so much for having found back energy and joy in my life!

    God bless you!”

  • Testimonial

    – My gastritis has disappeared –

    Jocelyn Hernández, Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate | Punta Cana

    Jocelyn runs Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate, specializing in sales, rentals, and property management for properties in Bavaro, Punta Cana. Throughout Jocelyn’s career, her work has always been very active and demanding. She came to Toque Holistico because she was suffering from back pain, anxiety, and gastritis. She wanted to share how Toque Holistico has transformed her life:

    “I would wake up in the morning and hadn’t even finished eating breakfast by the time I had already turned on the computer to start working right away. All day, I would feel a lot of anxiety and strong pains in my stomach, accompanied by heartburn. The rhythm of my life had gotten me used to eating out a majority of the time, and because of that my digestive system was experiencing a lot of problems. Therefore, I began my treatments at Toque Holistico. What stands out the most to me are the Bach Flowers and the way in which Maria was administering them to me. I followed a complete treatment, also receiving Shiatsu sessions. These sessions helped me tremendously with my back pain, and my gastritis has disappeared! I feel much more relaxed. Now, I am capable of taking the time to take care of my health and of myself. We are even making an organic garden at home! I follow the publications of Toque Holistico regarding nutrition and I feel thankful, because since being in contact with them I have learned a lot about my body and how to take care of it. They inspired me to find resources and I have succeeded in transforming my knowledge in something that enriches my everyday life.”

  • Testimonial

    – I love Shiatsu –

    Ana Angelica Moreno, Founder of BON companies | Santo Domingo

    Ana Angelica is a founder of the BON business and Vice President to the Association of female business owners. She does her job with passion, and is a precursor to development in the Dominican Republic. She is always looking for ways to grow both personally and professionally.

    “I was exhausted and stressed when I came to know Toque Holistico. I could never fully relax on my vacations- they felt empty. Today I can say that my general practitioner has found my clinical analysis to be better than ever! I can feel the difference because I enjoy life more now than ever thank you to natural therapies. I love Shiatsu with Davide in particular! In combination with the Kinesiology and Polarity therapies from Maria, they have given me the tools to maintain my well-being being from one visit to the next. Realistically, they have taught me to know my body better. I have seen a huge improvement physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I really recommend taking a vacation at Toque Holistico, because they truly are much more than a vacation.”

  • Testimonial

    – Natural Therapies fixed me –

    Mariam Suárez, Marketing and Public Relations | Santo Domingo

    Mariam is an independent professional with a degree in Marketing and Public Relations. She is always proactive, and works daily to provide her knowledge and experience to help each of her business customers grow.

    “I turned to Toque Holistico once I had already lost hope of real improvement. I had suffered from gastric ulcers since I was 14 years old, and I could barely eat anything. It was so bad that once any type of food reached my stomach the pain and suffering would start. I began to have fear of eating practically anything at all! The natural therapies changed my life: I began to understand that I myself had to begin to involve myself directly in my healing process, and I began to change certain habits. Maria told me I had to quit smoking and drinking coffee. I have quit smoking and drinking coffee, and I do not have any interest in returning to either of those things ever again! Nowadays when I really want a heavy meal, I can enjoy it without the unintended consequences and discomfort. I find myself happy and have learned that with good professionals, some natural techniques, and without contraindications, I can take charge of my health, and enjoy life like never before!”

  • Testimonial

    – Solves my problems of stress –

    Francesca Bussinello, Art Director & Graphic Designer | Italy

    Francesca is an Art Director and Graphic Designer. She is overall very creative and dedicated to her work. She is capable of offering the advice and reliability that any company needs when designing their brand, logo, and advertising. Before deciding to enter the world of design and communication in images and forms, Francesca formed the Fine Arts program at the University of Milan. She enjoys the process of helping to put a business in the market and making sure that the public sees the business in a distinct way.

    We requested Francesca’s services and came to know her in a professional setting.  But she wanted to try our treatments to know exactly what we are about and what students and patients are receiving here at Toque Holistico. Here is her personal experience:

    “I would like to say thank you to all the staff at Toque Holistico, and Davide in particular. They have helped me get to know a technique that has solved all the pain and stress that manifested in my neck each and everyday. I am talking about Shiatsu. This technique is ancient, and I didn’t believe in its true potential. I always thought: how can it help you relax, when it comes to simply applying pressure? For those of you who haven’t tried it, you have no idea what you are missing! When I think about all the money I have wasted on medicines, painkillers, massages, and the spa to address my pain… If only I had tried this earlier! Many thanks to everyone for making this possible!”

  • Testimonial

    – My day without pain –

    Raquel Inoa, Founder Medical Aesthetic Advanced Institute | Punta Cana

    Raquel has founded, directed, and personally attended the Advanced Aesthetic Medical Institute in Bavaro, Punta Cana. She carries her business while also dedicating herself to her patients, all with a high level of commitment and the diverse responsibilities that they each require. She would like to share her experience at Toque Holistico.

    “My experience at Toque Holistico has been completely satisfactory. After various therapies and a cycle of structural activator, I can finally say that I have been able to get up in the mornings without pain in my back. It had been a long time since I had felt that way: the happiness of starting my day without pain!!”

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