Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractors systematically detect spinal subluxation’s with proper physical examination. Then with a short series of hand adjustment’s to the subluxated area’s of the spine.


The system of the body that maintains normal functions and thereby our health, happens to be our nervous system. Our brains are the master control system, sending life giving impulses down the spinal cord contained within the spinal canal, with pairs of nerves exiting on each side of the spine, between the vertebra at every level from the base of our skull’s extending all the way downward to our tailbone, and continuing further down extending to both leg’s. These vital nerves extending from the spine at all level’s assist the brain in transmitting vital (energy giving ) message’s to all our muscle’s for proper movement and to all our vital organ’s maintaining proper life function. These vital organ’s include our heart, liver, kidney’s and reproductive organ’s.

Through various stress’s in life: physical, chemical, and emotional, our spinal columns’s experience accumulative trauma. These trauma’s (Physical, Chemical, Emotional ) cause misalignment’s in our spine. The vertebra which are stacked upon one another, and dependent on each other (one above with one below) for proper movement, are knocked out of alignment, thereby producing undue or unhealthy pressure on the spinal nerves, which exit the spinal canal between these vertebra traveling to all the muscle’s and vital organs of our body. The nerves being pinched are unable to transmit the necessary impulse needed for proper health, creating a state of ” dis-ease”.

When vertebra within our spine’s are knocked out of alignment, and thereby pinching (life giving) spinal nerve’s, a condition of subluxation occur’s. The muscle or vital organ to which this now (pinched nerve) travel’s does not receive the proper (nerve impulse) to maintain proper function. Creating pain and dysfunctions.

Treatment Targets

  • Body
  • Energy
  • Emotional



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