Psychosomatic Shiatsu

Psychosomatic Shiatsu

A treatment from Traditional Chinese Medicine that consists of finger pressure on energy lines called Meridians in order to harmonize the flow of energy.


In the XIX century due to social needs and the decline of medicine use in China, Shiatsu was born. It means finger pressure and incorporates the use of many different Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.

The practice of Shiatsu creates a respectful and natural  communication through contact and perception. Facilitating the full expression of the vital resources in the being in order to achieve a better quality of life. It also enhances the activity and harmony of Ki (energy).

Shiatsu is a valuable prevention practice because it helps strengthen the body’s natural defenses and stimulates vitality.

Some of the benefits are:

  • – Recovery of energy and balance in the body.
  • – Relief in states of stress and excessive nervousness, reduced anxiety, increased vitality, alertness and sleep regulation.
  • – In addition, it is recommended during pregnancy as an aid to backaches, headaches and fluid retention.

Treatment Targets

  • Body
  • Energy
  • Emotional



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