Take vacations from your aches and pains to a beach in paradise, with luxurious lodging and a team of qualified staff to take care of all your needs.

What you will experience

Yoga and more

Yoga and more

Experience our variety of classes, all encompassing the concept of breath and body awareness.

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Natural Therapies

Natural Therapies

At Toque Holístico we believe in the restorative potential of ancient and traditional healing therapies.

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Sports & Beaches

Sports & Beaches

Explore and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the beaches that surrounds our Center.

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An exclusive wellness escape in the utopia of Punta Cana that includes: personalized holistic treatments, detoxifying nutritional programs, yogic activities, and much more. Our aim is to promote wellness for the mind, body, and spirit.


Choose from several accommodation options, each in full accordance with the spirit of your Holistic Holidays retreat.




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Daily Diet

Daily Diet

Your Holistic Holidays experience includes a daily nutritional program that supports whole-body detoxification.

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I took several classes and I loved all of them. It’s the perfect setting for a relaxing vacation.

- Gisselle Paola, TripAdvisor

I can’t imagine another place in Punta Cana where I could have enjoyed such a healthy holistic program.

- Zaianna, TripAdvisor

The owners are truly holistic healers and very knowledgeable, willing to share it with their guest.

- MarMurAgu, TripAdvisor

  • Testimonial

    Retreat Experience

    Beth Floyd, Yoga Lover

    I loved my retreat experience with Maria and Davide, It was not what I expected, I experienced all 3 treatments of Kinesiology, Shiatsu massage and Neuromuscular massage. I learned so much about the areas of my body (and of my life) that I need to focus on beyond my time at the retreat, I highly recommend this experience.

  • Testimonial

    Holistic Holidays at Casa de Campo

    Line Hansen, Gymnast

    Amazing de-stressing, body centering, de-urbanizing yoga retreat experience with Toque Holistico - should be a must-do for all busy working women and men at least once per year

Included services

  • Transportation to and from the nearest airport.
  • Recommendations for the best accommodations.
  • Personalized treatments, ensured by our small group sizes.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, formulated to cleanse and alkalize the body.
  • Activities and adventures in nature.
  • Natural therapies to restore equilibrium.
  • Yoga and other disciplines, designed to connect body, mind and spirit.
  • Time for contemplation, meditation, and relaxation.

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Let us pamper you with our care and indulge the wellness of your senses.

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