Your Holistic Holidays experience includes a daily nutritional program that supports whole-body detoxification in a safe, healthy and delicious manner.

Nutritional programs

Choose between different delicious light, vegetarian, or vegan schemes, all of which contain wholesome and natural ingredients.

Diet of vegetables, leafy greens, legumes and whole grains, with small doses of fish, eggs and dairy. It’s the perfect deal for who wants to taste healthy food, even if is not used to it.


Diet of vegetables, leafy greens, legumes and whole grains, with small doses of eggs and dairy. Traditional vegetarian menu, what we are offering in the Retreats.


Diet of vegetables, legumes and whole grains, with particular avoidance of any animal-derived products. (This diet is also Celiac Approved).


Diet of crude vegetables, seeds, fruits and sprout. All fresh and healthy. This program is suitable only if your habitual diet is vegetarian or vegan.

All of our dishes are prepared immediately before serving by a qualified chef with fresh and natural ingredients, according to the needs of each client.


The health and functioning of our bodies largely depends on the nutritional habits we develop and utilize throughout our lifespan.


Gallbladder stones after cleanse

Annual detoxification is an essential process that encourages the body to release accumulated toxins. Mercury, pesticides, disinfectants, deodorizers, and many more chemicals are all capable of working their way into our systems.

Through this liver cleansing process, we are also able to remove gallstones that have accumulated in the gallbladder over time; this practice can be performed safely and without risk. Additionally, detoxification can help reduce or eliminate problems with indigestion and the occurrence of headaches. Following the 10 day detoxification process, you will see results so amazing that you’ll want to make this part of your annual routine.


Different combinations of Juices

Fruits and vegetables are composed of many vitamins, minerals, essential oils, natural pigments, and fiber that nurture our cells from inside. Regular consumption of chlorophyll – the green pigment that is found in deeply colored vegetables and utilized in photosynthesis – provides many health benefits. In addition to providing antioxidants and increasing wound healing, chlorophyll also binds to toxic metals and carcinogens in the body, hindering absorption of these harmful elements.

When conducted in a safe and scientific way, Juice Therapy along with healthy living habits is a wonderful way to help your body eliminate toxins and heal from the inside out.

You can choose the diet of your preference before arrival, notifying the Staff of any food or other allergies in the medical questionnaire sent at the time of booking.

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