What is a Yoga Retreat and why you should attend one

What is a Yoga Retreat and why you should attend one

If you’re constantly thinking about escaping the high-stress, fast-paced hustle and bustle of modern life and also to unplug and rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected, a yoga retreat is perfect for you.

At a yoga retreat you will find yourself in a relaxing place surrounded by nature  following a schedule of activities, classes, and healthy meals, under the guidance of experienced professionals in wellness.

You might not be appealed to the idea of having a fixed schedule but it’s not as it seems, often the schedule is for yoga classes or treatments.  so if you compare it will be the equivalent to book an appointment at the resorts spa, or a local excursion in a regular holiday.

You will also have plenty of time for rest and individual practice, you can use the retreat facilities as well as numerous opportunities to spend time outside in nature or the beach which is scientifically proven that being in contact with the ocean taps into our subconscious and calms us, studies proved how areas of the brain associated with less stress and more empathy are activated when in contact with ocean and sun.

Top reasons to join a retreat

  1. You will actually rest

I wonder if I’m the only one feeling the need of a holiday after a holiday? If you think about the last time actually came more relaxed after your week at a resort probably you will notice that after trying all the local food as possible at the buffet, sipping colorful free cocktails while getting a tan (if not a sunburn) you come home a bit tanned, but not as relaxed as you wished. It’s a completely different story when you come back from a retreat.

  1. Shutting down on technology, digital detox

You might not think about this, but every day we are filled with information from different sources, we could be losing focus on daily task, so if you find yourself re-reading that page of your favorite book for the 3rd time you might start paying attention, during the retreat you will find focus you need and forgetting about technology will help you to go to the basic relationships 1 to 1 and learn to develop real connections with others.

  1. Improve your yoga practice

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner and it’s your first yoga retreat, you will find that the classes will respect your limits, also the people attending will have around the same level, remember when you do yoga, you leave your ego at the door and focus on becoming the best version of you.

  1. You’ll eat healthy without having to do all the work

Let’s be real, when we check all this amazing healthy organic dishes from our Instagram feed, we think we could actually pull it off, but sincerely how many times we find time for it? Because taking time for us to go proper grocery shopping, preparing and cleaning up we rarely got to do it, you will forget all this while the retreat. All the meals you will be served are nutritious and well prepared and the best part all the work is done for you.

  1. You’ll make new friends

You will meet people with similar interests from around the world who you might become friends for the rest of your life Sharing within a multicultural environment will help you to get a new perspective about life too. Listening to different stories will give you a glimpse of others life and you will connect with people as you hadn’t before.

At the end of the retreat you will feel lighter, enlivened, full of energy and even excited about heading home to take up some new challenges and incorporate what you just learned about yoga and yourself in your life, also you will find yourself telling everyone they need to do it, and who knows?  you might inspire someone to take the same wellness journey you had.

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