What is juice therapy?

What is juice therapy?

Frequently, we forget that all that we need to be happy, healthy, and strong exists within nature. Nature contains the perfect equilibrium that our bodies need and by seasoning fruits and vegetables from nature, we can be provided with large quantities of of life: vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, fatty acids, and amino acids. By incorporating healthy habits into our daily lives, we will find ourselves full of energy and vitality!

Many people have heard of a system known as juice therapy. It is very important to emphasize that juice therapy is not a diet, but rather a system that helps us to integrate several healthy habits into our lifestyle, with innumerable benefits. Juice therapy can be structured in different ways, depending on the desires of each individual. It can either be structured as a specific program, or, can be taken more calmly, by simply incorporating the juices of fruits and vegetables into our daily life.

The first step for people who are interested in starting with this marvelous habit, is to get a Juicer, which can be found at electrical appliance stores. Juicers are beneficial because they remove the pulp from the juices and leave the liquid of the fruits and vegetables, which is the nectar of life. If you do not have a juicer, or it is not possible to purchase at the moment, a blender can be used with a fabric bag to help separate the juice and the pulp. The same fabric bags that are used to make soy milk and almond milk can be used.

Certain processed foods, such as fried food, saturated fats, coffee, tobacco, etc., acidify our bodies. When our bodies are acidic, we are more prone to all types of diseases, to sleep poorly, and retain liquids until we are in a bad mood! Juice therapy can help to detoxify and alkalize your body! Everyday, have on hand, a celery stalk, apples that you like the most, parsley, and carrots. Play around with the quantities of each ingredient, in accordance with the tastes that are the most satisfying to you, however, try to increase the amount of celery each day. This juice combination is ideal for breakfast, and you will see that it is not needed to eat any solid foods with the juice. Don’t be shy! Drink your two large cups of juice each morning, and you will begin to note that you will start to feel better from day one!

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