Yoga During Pregnancy Will Nurture Mother and Baby

Yoga During Pregnancy Will Nurture Mother and Baby

Yoga during pregnancy can help a mother realize and truly appreciate her loving and soulful connection with the baby growing in her womb. No matter how experienced you are with yoga, we recommend taking a yoga class specifically designed for pregnant women.

Before exploring a yoga practice while pregnant, be sure to talk with your doctor. It’s important to be cleared for any physical activity and to find out if you have any personal limitations. A yoga for pregnancy class will work with any concerns or limitations you may have. Be sure to tell the yoga instructor which trimester you are in, which is important for considering the physical postures you may explore.

Our Yoga for Pregnancy classes at Toque Holistico in Punta Cana focus on several benefits for the mother and baby:

Mother/Baby Connection

We bring our mothers into the present moment through Meditation and safe Pranayama (breathwork) to really focus on the precious life they are producing. This helps the mother to communicate to the baby energetically, allowing her to nurture and send love to the baby. Being pregnant is such a precious time for the mother, staying in the present moment and fostering the mother/baby connection is the most important element of a pregnancy yoga practice.


Controlling the breath is essential to any pregnancy yoga practice. Working on the breath helps with calming the mother and baby during pregnancy. Pranayama also prepares the mother for a safer and more comfortable labor and delivery.


Pregnancy can be a time of anticipation and the mother can become overwhelmed with pressures, doubts and anxiety. Using positive affirmations and visualizations will help a mother feel more confident during the pregnancy and provides an immense support to helping her become the best mother she can be.

Strength and Stretching

Asanas (yoga posture) should be modified during pregnancy. We focus on the asanas that will help the mother strengthen her arms and legs and we restrain from any poses that would be detrimental, such as core work or positions that put undue stress on the back or uterus. Too much exertion should be avoided, and joining a yoga class specifically for pregnant women will guide the mother through an appropriate physical practice.


Mothers undergo so many changes and physical discomforts while pregnant. We create an environment for the mother to relax and restore her body. It’s important for the mother to nurture herself in order to provide the best care for her baby.

Pregnancy is a time when mothers can truly realize their own power and light and delight in creating a precious life. Explore this soulful journey more consciously and deeply by practicing yoga. Yoga can guide you to nurture your baby with unconditional love.

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